Xiaomi MI 8 Youth Review

Xiaomi MI 8 youth edition comes with great colours and it brings back a lot of memories as well. If you have been an old MI fan, you should remember the device called Xiaomi MI 1S youth edition. It was one of the revolutionary phones produced by the company which brought in many useful features which were up to date with other phones as well. After almost 6 years, the Xiaomi MI youth series have been continued with the Mi 8 Youth.


There was a conference in September 2018 which revealed this device and they clearly wanted us to pay attention to the new back panel. To be honest, even if they did not persist, the back panel would have anyways caught our attention because it is genuinely beautiful. The two new colour options are also the key attractions of the phone. They happen to be called Dream Blue and Twilight Gold which is a huge attraction to the customers who are young and are more into showing off the design of their mobile devices.

The vacuum Nano Magnetron sputtering process is what this device has adopted, which nourishes the colours so very much. The Twilight gold colour version is rose red at the top and golden in colour and at the bottom while the middle part is colour combination with different proportions, thus transitioning the two colours very elegantly.


The phone of cost comes with the latest Android version which is the 8.1, also known as Oreo. When it comes to the performance section however, this phone has not backed up there too. It comes with an Octa Core Snapdragon 660 processor which is definitely good enough to run many high graphics games. Along with it, the RAM of this phone happens to be 4GB which adds up to the overall performance of this beautiful beast.

The display has an IPS LCD screen and is 6.26 inches long. Video playback and gaming in this phone is completely ideal and that are two massive requirements of most of the phone users these days. Everybody wants entertainment and surfing through YouTube or playing one of your favourite Android games is made better with this phone in your hands.

It has a 24 megapixel front camera and a dual camera on the back of 12 megapixel and 5 megapixel. The camera quality has also been tested and it is very good.

The Xiaomi MI 8 youth has not yet been launched in India and expected date of launching has to be around April 2019. When this phone will be launched, the market is going to explode once again, directing traffic towards Xiaomi. This is mainly because the expected price of this phone is Rs 15000 and in that price range, having a phone which looks this beautiful and performs this amazing with a very good camera quality as well, is something people would really look forward to buying. The main attraction of the phone is definitely the looks of it and not very many Xiaomi phones look this good. Plus, the Indian market is always inclined towards Xiaomi phones anyway.

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