The top apple keyboard shortcuts for business use

Learning about the useful business tactics can make you more efficient and brilliant in the business you do. These useful shortcuts will help you to be more productive in your business. The proper shortcuts can change your keyboard from a writing tool into a command platform for your computer.

For the users of apple, the proprietary keys can at first be unfathomable however with the help of the shortcuts your workday can become very much easier.  There some old standards like cut and paste which you can take much further. Here are some of the apple keyboard shortcuts for the business users.

  • Command + tab

This key will allow you to perform the function of cycling through the applications. You can begin by holding down the ‘command’ key and clicking the ‘tab’ to cycle the apps. Whenever you press the tab it will change and will lead you to the other applications.

  • Command + spacebar


This keyboard shortcut key will open the search spotlight and will move your cursor in the search bar. It is a very great tool which will quickly locate the buried or the hidden file on your computer.

  • Shift+control+power button

This combination of the keys will put all the displays to sleep.

  • Command + Shift + G

If you are having the finder window open, you can use this shortcut to open a straight line to the specific folder. Easily put the folder path in the space that is present and this will direct you to the folder.

  • Command+bracket

By clicking the ‘command’ and the left bracket you can go to the next folder. By choosing the command and the right bracket you can go on to another folder.

  • Command + Shift + V

The shortcut is a lifesaver for the business people. It is the best for anyone working in a safari. This is the shortcut for the ‘paste and match style’. This will mean you will be able to do the copy and paste with the shortcut without the previous formatting.

  • Command+ Shift + 3

Take an instant screenshot of something on your computer with this shortcut. It can also save it on the desktop. If you add the action Command + Shift + Control + 3 it will be saved in the clipboard.


  • Command + Shift + 4

If you want a screenshot of the selection from the screen you can use this shortcut. You can select content from the box and single it out to copy and save it as a file in the computer. If you change the command into Command + Shift + Control + 4 you can save the file in the clipboard.

  • Command+F

This will use the functions of the search bar to find the text in a document.  It is very useful for businesses that deal with documents.

These are some of the functions which can help the businesses to work faster and the people to perform creditably.






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