The speciality of the new Google lens

We use the phones to take the pictures everywhere and the storage becomes lesser and lesser in space because of that. More than the sunsets and sunrise we take the other types of important pics like the shopping lists and other details. The cameras are like visual beings. We use it to click the pictures but now there is a new feature added in the camera that is going to reach new heights. The tech behind the camera is going to change. As the AI is continuing to develop, the camera is going to perform more than it is actually doing now. You can browse the world with the simple function added in the cameras.

The powers of Google identification is still advancing over the years. It now has the capability to identify more than one billion products. It is four times improved than when it was more than a year before. Google declared that the milestone for the device powered by the AI identification app in its posts.  It gave information regarding how it made the lens by reading the customised optical character recognition that is OCR engine by using its research and study of the language and the graph of knowledge.



We have to be grateful to the OCR engine and training. The lens has become very excellent at reading the labels of the products and the texts. This has guided it to find out over many products. To differentiate between the letter ‘o’ and the zero, it depends on the correction of spelling models from the Google search.

Google’s described the milestone after the release of the lens for iPhone on the preceding week through an update on the ios Google app.

The great era of the lens

The vice president of the Google lens and the AR Aparna Chennapragada tells that the world is entertaining a brand new phase of computing which is called the “era of the camera”. It guides the users to search the things they want to see. The lens of Google is a part of the change which has made the camera more than a tool which is simply not for clicking pictures.


She also continued her speech by talking about the computers seeing the things as the people do. The cameras are going to have a stable and advanced interface to the world around us. The artificial interface gives the answers to the questions consistently. That lays its findings on the road we are going and highlighting the matters we are searching for in the libraries. The cameras translate the word in the foreign city in front of our eyes. We can pay the bills and feed the parking meets. We can also learn the things around us simply by using the camera.

The goal of the lens is to make a thorough search of the visual and this is seen in the twentieth century anniversary when it got the lens to the ‘image search’ through the web.



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