The new laptops of 2019: HP, Acer and Asus

There are tons of new laptops which are being divulged at CES this year. The laptops are Asus, HP and Acer      respectively. There are the superb EliteBook x360 830 G5 2-in-1 laptops which is aimed for the use of the commercial business users who wants and requires privacy.

This laptop can be created with the excellent definite view integrated with privacy feature. By just clicking the F2 button user will be able to activate a polarising filter that can dramatically restrict the experience of the displays angle view.

For use of the people who are ultra paranoid there is also a slider webcam available.  Switching on this display is some brilliant technology.  This also includes CPU i7 core 8th gen processors which SSSD 2tb of storage and the RAM up to 32 GB.  Ports gave been greatly selected where the port C- USB is used, the two USB with 1.2 inputs, headphone jack, an option card reader, a SIM slot and a HDI.

The graphic which is in the downside is limited to 620 graphics of UHD GPU.  Elite book x 360 is expected to launch on March and the rates of it are not yet decided or released.  HP spectre x 360 has also got some new updates with the OLED display options.  There are also new amazing updates available for it. The launch date is not yet released for it but is expected to be launched in the month of March.  Much more information about this system is not yet released.

The AMD powered HP.

HP has developed its own fresh AMD powered system it will be very resourceful for users who have used chrome book.  The HP version of chrome book has been integrated with radeon graphics R4 or the R5.  This HP version of chrome will operate with the A4 OR A6 processors.  Excluding all the silicon it comes with great graphic and comes with a 14 inch display with a high resolution of 1366×768.

The new chrome book AMD is available on from this year and you can purchase it for affordable prices.

The swift 7 has been updated from the Acer where the business took thin and sleek clamshell laptops. The previous swift 7 was launched with the thickness of 8 mm. however, reduced the thickness incredibly to 3mm.

Many laptops do not make use of the gorilla glass display but swift 7 is the one which uses it. The system is developed with the CPU core i7 with the RAM OF 8GB.  There are even more lots of great specifications available such as the expendable storage of 16 GB RAM.

The gaming Asus laptops.

Asus has been launching its gaming laptops with radeon graphic and it is developed with the recent AMD 3000 series CPU’S.  The storage space of it can be extended to 32 GB.  The MIL-STD-8 10 G standards are certified for its tolerance with all environments, toughness and for its perfect vibrations.

The Asus FX5505 and 507 is expected to be released on March till the pricing of it is not yet announced.

These are the new best laptops that are going to be launched on the year 2019.


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