The Microsoft visions of this year


The success of the Microsoft Company can be proven by the company’s revenue, profit and stock price comparing it with the other giant tech companies. The other rival companies of Microsoft are Google, Apple, and Facebook. It is called as the biggest market cap of any company in the world. This is very remarkable for a company which is called as dinosaur all these years.

However, the company has to face new challenges and use the opportunities in their way for this year. We have to say all the best to the CEO of the company Satya Nadella for their future endeavours. Here are some of the visions of Microsoft.

The features that counts

The issue of privacy

Privacy in technology is what defines its many capabilities. We have to ask Facebook on how important that is. Their reputation is going to and fro because of the many cases of privacy problems they have to deal with every year. Google has avoided the public about this issue but they are also on the scanner because of their collection of vast information about customer data. This gives the other companies a lesson on managing the privacy of the customers. It involves moral and legal opportunities for the companies and utilising it for their betterment.

Many plans of Microsoft like the anti-tracking feature have been failed. But at the beginning of the new era, Microsoft has committed to protect and secure the private information of the user. The company has decided to use the right of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation to the customers all around the world to safeguard their data.

To make the updates in the windows less difficult

The Microsoft has decided to rectify its update of the windows 10. The first unsettling issue of the updates have now got more in tune and less painful. The mandatory updates twice a year has to be eliminated first.

No repetition of the XP mess with the windows 7


The Windows 7 will reach the end of support date in the year January 14 2020. When the Windows XP reached its end date in 2014 the following events were very difficult to damage. The laggards become very large and that was hard in the public sector. The Microsoft was forced to release an XP patch on the month of May 2017.

The Microsoft has assured that there will be no trouble in the running of Windows 7 migration to Windows 10 but there is the reality to face. The end of support date is near and the percentage of the PCs running will be notably higher.

There is good news for enterprise customers. The Microsoft has said that they will continue the access to Windows 7 security updates for free till January 2023. This will be done through the Microsoft corporate account specialists and partners.  However, there also lies a question on how Microsoft is going to deal with and cover the medium-sized business. They are more at the risk.


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