The fresh wish list of Microsoft 2019 to make customers happy and to make money.

From a business point of view, Microsoft had a pretty resourceful year.  This is true specifically when considering the company’s profits, gains, stock rate and the momentum alongside other massive, huge tech businesses. Microsoft has given a tough competition to companies such as apple, facebook and Google. The Microsoft Company has outshined other popular profitable companies and it has also been able to do well throughout the whole year. Microsoft has proved itself as the largest market in the world to trade its products publicly. Even though, the year 2018 was splendid for the company. The year 2019 has new obstacles and challenges. Let’s see the wish list of Microsoft Company to make its customers happy on the year 2019.

Privacy to stay on the high ground

Privacy is the crucial element in the popular technologies today. Some of the famous businesses such as Facebook reputation have been devastated due to tattering its customer’s data.  The Microsoft platform has been so far able to shun tattering of data. However, Google has zealously tried to collect customer’s personal information which is their key target.  This helps them to create way for potential economic benefit for the company. It also provides an exceptional opportunity to legally use the information and to put all the things in the right place. Microsoft has been able to rectify all its privacy issues to get back on track.

Making the windows 10 updates less annoying

Developing the Microsoft 10 took more than a four-year process. Even after taking these many years this project did not touch their expectations. They kept on releasing updates to make it even better. Some updates were much delayed and then they re-released it. This entire concept caused a lot of embarrassment for the Microsoft. This matter helps them to learn more things from this experience. It is now clear that the Microsoft will eliminate or minimize the triple feature updates.

Stopping the shovelware


The windows 10 update beyond the initial license the post license was also added.  To increase their economic opportunities they provided device portfolios, games, subscriptions and ads. This resulted in unwanted games and apps in the home screen.  Games like candy crush irrelevant ads and bubble witch many PC’s where sold with this new update. Reducing these things may help them to generate revenue. The users must also be given a choice to choose an ad-free platform.

Not repeating the XP mess with the windows 7.

When Windows XP reached its disclosure the laggards were very hard. This was way too hard on the public sector so the Microsoft was forced to release an XP patch version. However, Microsoft has assured that it will provide services and security updates for windows 7. The real problem is that how will Microsoft provide these businesses at risk who range from small from medium businesses.

Simplification of the licensing process

With the increasing updates, the Microsoft licensing procedures are even tougher.  Microsoft 365 comes with a whole range of features. It will be good if the user edition of it becomes even simpler.

Here’s the wish list to keep the customers happy and create more revenue opportunities in the year 2019.








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