The foldable flip phone by Motorola Razr which is pricey

Motorola Razr has a huge fan base they were extremely surprised by the new classic flip device.  This new technology Razr is been created by the owners of Motorola, Lenovo will also join this modern foldable technology device.

According to the journal of Wall Street, the price of this phone will be expensive costing up to 1500 dollars.   This technology will be available for the consumers in the month of February the product has made the partnership with Verizon.  This amusing phone will get a chance to display it on the world mobile congress in this month.

This foldable technology in mobiles and other devices has steamed up. Samsung is also ready to launch its Samsung galaxy X foldable Smartphone.  This phone is 7 inches long which looks like a tablet.

More foldable devices are expected to be launched this year. Many popular brands have capitalized more on this modern technology.

 Iconic foldable design smartphones

Another yet mind-blowing foldable technology is used by Xiaomi presenting the royole flexpai tri-fold design Smartphone. Many foldable smartphones come with the foldable-in technology. However, the foldable technology is used in a unique way by creating the first foldable Smartphone which folds its way out.

The famous brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo has been working with the display of LG. Lenovo has also involved making a stunning 13.3-inch screen device that folds its way in and out and it may be launched at the end of 2019.

The CEO of Lenovo has recently said in MWC 2018 that the new Razr brand has given some phenomenal ideas which the brand could use in its future products. The CEO made this statement as Lenovo is on the revival of this technology. He added that this Razr could be a thing in the coming years.

The product pricing and units produced.

The first Razr V3 released this phone in the year 2004. This phone was greatly adorned and loved by many of its users around the world. This high demand also made the developers to increase the price.  First, before it became popular the phone was released in small volumes.  One thirty units of product were sold in that year.

The co-creator of the Motorola V3 model also works for Motorola to design in products in the future products of it. Many users have been eagerly waiting for a phone which has great sound and that can be folded. This foldable Smartphone will be a solution for those users who were long seeking it.

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