The best of the gadgets review in 2018

The year 2018 is done with. The tech industry is now ready to launch the products which will eventually become famous in 2019. However, we cannot simply forget the products which helped as to sail smoothly in this year. Let’s have a look at them.

  • OnePlus 6T smartphone

The OnePlus is the best smartphone of 2018. The handset of the phone comes along with the top end design. It is priced low than the other smartphones with the same features and this has made it infinitely popular. What adds to the benefit offered by the smartphone is its continued android update.

  • Apple iPhone XS Max smartphone

This phone comes in our list of best gadgets because of its unique design and its eminent looks. It makes the smartphone user experience even better. It is the largest of the phone made by Apple till now. It contains a powerful set of specs. It has got amazing quality, display and camera that is unsurpassed.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone

It is the South Korean tech company’s most well-known smartphone. It has the unparalleled Exynos processor. There is also the good camera performance that can make it perfect. It is aimed to offer the best experience for its users. The new S pen which is enabled by Bluetooth heightens the level of productivity.

  • Asus ROG Phone smartphone

The Asus phone is the smartphone of the year. It has the unique 90Hz AMOLED screen. It has the facility of dual charging ports. It provides high-end specifications.

  • Nokia 6.1 Plus smartphone

This phone is considered to have the best handsets. It has a camera which has a balanced performance. The display is decent and the battery life is without a fault longer than the others. The device competes with the smartphone xiaomi Redmi in the market. It is more popular for its Android OS updates that are consistent than the other phones.

  • LG C8 TV

The LG’s new C8 4K OLED TV is one of the smartest and fine-looking TV. The design is slim and trim. It offers the screen that is OLED 4K HDR. It is powered by ThinQ AI which can make the tasks very simple.

  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Pro TV

This is a pro TV which is a powerful competition to LG C8. The look of the TV is very appealing. The product is priced according to its features and it has moved ahead than the other popular brands.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you are looking for the smartwatch powered by Android you can try using the Samsung Galaxy watch. It is the one watch which contains all the necessary features expected in a smartwatch. This wearable device is edgy with a superb design.

  • Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch

The apple watch series is getting better every day when it launched one device after another. It has a large screen which can show more content. There are also available in the variety of colours for people who like a little colour.

These are some of the excellent gadgets of 2018.

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