Microsoft put an end to passwords

Microsoft has decided to expel the usage of passwords which is used to log in the Microsoft systems. It has broadcasted some of the innovative technologies to use them for this process. One true fact is that “passwords are obnoxious”. Many users don’t like passwords as they don’t provide convenience and security. They can also be very expensive. The aversion has stimulated Microsoft to provide us a password-free platform. They are busy at creating a world without passwords which is said by principal program manager karanbir Singh for the enterprise and security of Microsoft.

Singh continued saying-it is their aim to abolish passwords to make it possible for users not to use passwords at the end of the day.  This inspires them to provide user credentials that will be provided for users which has no possibilities to be cracked, violated or phished.

Microsoft thinks that biometrics is a brilliant replacement for passwords.  It provides the users good security by the multi-factor authentication process.  The usage of physical keys, facial recognition and fingerprints identification seems like a good option rather than the frustrating numbers and string passwords which have to be entered.

The windows Hello- authenticator app

Singh has said that the hello biometric login of Microsoft Windows has received great appreciation from many of the businesses.  It is properly positioned by more than forty-seven million users and more than five thousand businesses which have approved that it is resourceful.  Many businesses use the windows hello on more than one million commercial devices.

Microsoft has also launched an interesting app. The innovative Microsoft authenticator application can help you to access of your Microsoft account without any password. This app can be downloaded on your mobile device through which you can directly get access to your windows account.

Another fascinating fact said by Singh is that the S mode in windows 10 is a crucial part of the April update of the windows 10 2018. This update permits the cloud users who are managing the service accounts and azure directory that can use the authenticator app to easily access the account without entering any password.  This password free task can be performed in their Windows 10 PC.

Other key security factors

Microsoft has further said that the endorsement of the “fast identity online” helps the windows to make this update. The FIDO group will enable more secure authentication in most of the cases where no password is entered in windows hello.

As Singh said Microsoft Is planning to increase the privacy by allowing the users to enter the FIDO security keys when logging on.  The staffs can take their credentials to authenticate their Azure account.

This password free idea helps the staffs of the organisation to just walk on to log in any of the devices securely without entering any passwords. “Windows hello FIDO 2” is a limited feature to register the users may have to register their name in the wait list told by Singh.

Microsoft has great line-ups for the security factors.  The security key credentials can be made even more secure by fingerprint identification and PIN.  Microsoft has yet more ideas on this topic.




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