iPhone SE 2 Review

Do you remember the classic device from Apple called the iPhone SE? It is one of the most loved and sold iPhones of all time. It is really shocking that the iPhone SE still has an audience. It is true that many people are still using the phone and it is also true that many other people are also opting to buy it in 2019. Specially in India, the craze of Apple devices is so much the phone is still relevant.

On the other hand, the phone is not really available in every other store these days. It is hardly found and the main reason behind it is the fact that the phone is too old. It is just a 4 inch handset with very outdated specifications, but is still in demand. On Amazon, in fact, a refurbished version of the iPhone SE is being sold at Rs 17000 which is too much. There are, of course, much better devices in the market at that price range.

The iPhone SE 2

The original iPhone SE, which is mentioned above, has officially been discontinued in September 2018. Some of the iPhone fans however, are really desperate to have a device which is just 4 inches in screen size.

The main demand of the Indian customers come into play when they realise that the cheapest iPhone that is available in the market in plenty is the iPhone 7. Not many people can afford iPhone 7 because the price is high. That is exactly the reason why they want a new iPhone SE 2 which should be low in price.

Around January 2019, Apple decided to sell all the stocks of the iPhone SE once and for all and they did not expect the stock to get cleared so quickly. What everybody could understand from this was the fact that the demand for a 4 inch iPhone in 2019 is also huge just because of the brand value. Plus, there are no iPhones at that affordable price. Apple must be smart enough to launch the Apple iPhone SE 2 because they must have noted the sales back in January.

The cheaper handset would definitely benefit Apple to a huge extent specifically since the market is going a little below than expected by them, lately. The number of sales expected where lesser in the last quarter of 2018 which included even the holiday season. The launch of the iPhone SE 2 can just boom the market for Apple once again.

All the people in the world believe that what happen is lacking is a cheap handset in its lineup. It does not matter if they offer some really old specifications. Just because it is Apple, people are going to buy it. Moreover, the operating system of Apple which is called the iOS is so optimised that even using iPhone SE in 2019 has not been a big problem, despite the old specifications. If they upgrade the specifications even a little bit with the iPhone SE 2, it can definitely for a good phone for daily usage and of course, showing off.

iPhone SE 2 Release Date And Thoughts

Nothing about the iPhone SE 2 has been confirmed yet but the anticipations are high. Many people considered the iPhone XR as the replacement for the iPhone S E but that cannot be the case since the iPhone XR is much more expensive as well as bigger in size.

This might just mean that Apple will actually never considered to launch another small screen phone. On the other hand, the iPhone SE 2 will definitely create a lot of buzz and make the sales of Apple phones go up. One never knows what is going to happen and all we can do is predict.

My prediction for the iPhone SE 2’s release date is somewhere around July 2019 (if they consider launching it, in the first place).

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