Innovative smartphones with latest technologies

2018 was a great year for the iPhone as its sales were at its peak. The demand for this apple device was very high. The design and style of this mobile was very constant throughout the year. However, in the year 2019, there is going to be powerful innovations which may stand out from the giant techs.

In Maui, the technology summit was hosted by QUALCOMM where it was said that the stars are aligning which may be a resurgence of the smartphones. It is true that a peak of Smartphones has been documented, which is mostly the same. This sector seems to be more of a positive field as it minimizes the service approach of hardware.

Let’s first get the apparent hype out of the path.  In new devices, 5g will be ushered which results in ultimate speed and there are lots more other uses. Because of the edge computing, the 5G massive businesses will have a huge impression and even on brilliant networks and other things of the internet. In the consumers’ viewpoint it is suitable for early adopters of 5G in 2019. We can be more positive about the food chain of smartphones because of the 5G in 2019.

Let’s see all the reasons to be optimistic about this field. These are the top elements which help us to be positive.

The foldable phone by Samsung


In the year 2019 Samsung will launch its foldable phone in the market which has higher possibilities to smash the market. Many other brands will also follow this innovation. Many Android vendors will definitely try something new.  The price of the device and its sales will be likely seen after its launch. It is very interesting that the Android ecosystem will align behind the 5G factor.

There are many android businesses which love to try it out first.  Samsung also tries to be early by launching a device with 5G.  Samsung has also planned to produce millions of these foldable phones.  Even before apple Samsung wants to be the first business to try the 5G factor.

The elements of smartphones will become more innovative


CNET mentioned how the gorilla glass by corning will approach the foldable phone market.  Fresh creative innovations are very unique from the camera enhancements.  Inventions like this will definitely stimulate the sales.

The fingerprint trick by QUALCOMM behind the screen


CNET said that how the fingerprint scanning at the back will appear in the front again through the QUALCOMM platform. This change is very essential due to some important factors. Many think that the step of facial recognition is a bit obnoxious.

Fingerprint readers are in an awkward position due to the biometrics which is placed behind the devices. Many users find very inconvenient when the scanner is at the back they miss the front fingerprint scanner.

Artificial intelligence is found everywhere


The software on the mobile device will be greatly enhanced with the machine learning artificial intelligence.  The Google pixel will direct this as photos can be taken in nights without using flash this makes way for more possibilities.

Let us wait for the new era of smartphones on its way which also incites us to the year 2020.




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