Five major challenges facing Apple in 2019


It is been pretended that the year 2019 will be one of the hard years for the Apple developers. Apple has never been in this tricky situation in this millennium. It is negative that the sale of MAC has been quite down. The sale of iPad has also been in the downward direction. Another massive quandary is that the sale range of iPhone can never become worse than this.

This year has not proved to be good for the smartphones in general. The sale of them is said to be weakening.  It is also caused a quite a lot of disturbance due the agitation of investors where Apple has to refused to report on the sales unit of iPhone.  For a short span of time apple was definitely at its peak in the tech market. All its inventions have been proved to be valuable and extraordinary. To take an overall run about this topic lets discuss how does this huge brand operated at its beginning which will give us an insight about what are the challenges it is going to face in the year 2019.

Apple gained a lot of attention and made its first page on several news sources by launching its code with the IOS.  This advancement was made in order to mitigate the battery wear effects of the older phones. It provided many services for the users to mitigate the technical defects. This step taken by the apple is also considered as a brilliant solution for user to overcome the battery wear effects but it was not perfect on the view of user experience. Many users also made clear that the experience they gained was very poor.

These kinds of technical problems were solved with dignity by the apple team but it would not be the same when talking about the problems that ought to be faced in the year 2019. Let’s see some of the now.

  • The “excitement” factor is going to be hard on Apple. Many uses shift to the newer version of it because the older version is very boring for them. The overall market of smartphones has become very dull. If the users should buy the new versions of iPhone for its new features then Apple needs to invigorate the market and make it exciting.

  • The crucial announcement that “Apple has refused to report on the sales unit of iPhone” has caused jeopardy for investors. It has made them suspect on its declining revenue. So if the sales are down then it can be a major issue in 2019.

  • Apple has tricked to push up its ASP to make the users purchase the costlier versions. However, Apple may have to convince the buyers to why to buy the costlier iPhone.


  • One uncertified announcement that president trump has been made that 10percent tariff on iPhone and MAC. If this becomes true then the price of the phone will increase which will be a major drawback for apple in 2019.
  • What would Apple do in 2019? Is a fifth major problem. Apple planned to create hype by launching apple watch. It is going to be a crucial year for Apple to launch something new in 2019.

Let’s hold our breaths and see what Apple has for the year 2019.

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