First ever 5G Smartphone by Samsung at CES 2019

The consumer electronics show is a great stop where many new technologies are kept for display. Many popular brands find this platform to announce and reveal their creative innovations.  Samsung had a great year since it has been releasing innovative laptops, smartphones and other resourceful gadgets for its customers.  This CES was a very great fair with some surprising inventions but Samsung stole the limelight. Let’s have a look at the new technology which Samsung expects to be a huge project.

Samsung announced its first-ever 5 g Smartphone on the CES 2019. At the Las Vegas CES, this phone was kept on display locked in a glass case. Samsung retained its phone structure of this new Smartphone.  The lock and the switch- off button are seen on the right side and volume buttons appear in the left side.

The front camera was also visible on the top. The Smartphone was on display with the loop video about its specifications.  The CEO of Samsung Kim said that this device will be soon released in the market.  The Smartphone was kept at CES for a sneak peek.

The fresh features of 5g Smartphone

At the press conference for this Smartphone, lots of new features of it are introduced.  This phone consists of some huge end to end tech such as artificial intelligence and 5G.  Kim further said that Samsung has applied for huge patents and has invested so much in the R and D.


The 5G Smartphone is expected to be the variant of galaxy 10. At the tech fair of CES, most of the details of the phone were not developed.  The camera in the top front makes many feel that it may be a variant of galaxy 10.

Samsung has started a separate blog to surprisingly release the 5g Smartphone. The Smartphone is only announced but it is expected to be released in mid-2019.  The complete device is expected to reach the consumers in the month of April but this not yet approved.

The Smartphone is developed with the greatest chips and also various other networking services.

Increasing the commercialisation of 5G

Kim said that the effort and the experience of Samsung have made the commercialisation of 5G even more forward.

Has the chief executive said Samsung has started to run international trials in across Europe and Asia.

The mobile carrier of United States revealed that the Smartphone 5g will be carried by it which is set to be on 2019.

Samsung will use its 2.5 GHz, 8000MHZ and the 1.9GHz bands which will connect with the Smartphone 5G through the LTE.

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