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    Innovative smartphones with latest technologies

    2018 was a great year for the iPhone as its sales were at its peak. The demand for this apple device was very high. The design and style of this mobile was very constant throughout the year. However, in the year 2019, there is going to be powerful innovations which may stand out from the giant techs. In Maui, the technology summit was hosted by QUALCOMM where it was said that the stars are aligning which may be a resurgence of the smartphones. It is true that a peak of Smartphones has been documented, which is mostly the same. This sector seems to be more of a positive field as it minimizes the service approach of hardware. Let’s first get the apparent hype out of the path.  In new devices, 5g will be ushered which results in ultimate speed and there are lots more other uses. Because of the edge computing, the 5G massive businesses will have a huge impression and even on brilliant networks and other things of the internet. In the consumers’ viewpoint it is suitable for early adopters of 5G in 2019. We can be more positive about the food chain of smartphones because of the 5G …

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