Asus ROG Phone II Review


Asus with its Republic of Gamers lineup basically dedicated to one thing only and that is to give the best smartphone gaming experience ever. It will not be wrong to say that they have actually succeeded in doing so and the specifications of the phone definitely proves why.

Mobile gamers are increasing in numbers and that is what Asus has cashed in on. It is an overkill device and has the potential to satisfy every single whim of a mobile gamer. The look of the phone is as rugged and gaming-like as its specifications.

It is so obvious for a gaming smartphone to have such a design that it looks like a professional gaming tool. This exuberant product is going to be the most wanted thing for gamers.


Design of Asus ROG II


Designing a model smartphone is not only about designing how it looks but also designing various parts from the inside. That is what this smartphone was able to do. The connectivity for a smartphone takes up a huge amount of space and positioning the antenna is also not as easy as it looks but the department for this phone really worked hard for it.

The craft-work that has been put behind designing the backside of the phone is really admirable. On the front, you get gorilla glass pieces which is absolutely great but the back was designed keeping in mind that the phone was specifically for hardcore gamers.

If we compare to the previous Republic of gamers smartphone that was produced by Asus itself, this one has definitely grown bigger in every single way possible. It is taller, thicker and even heavier than its predecessor but it is worth it too. The phone is big and that is the reason why carrying it with one hand might be difficult for you.

The speakers that are available are great and really powerful. Overall, a good job has been done on the design of this phone and it is no doubt that smartphone is going to give you the best possible mobile gaming experience of all time. The aspect ratio is 19:5:9 which was not an intuitive decision but a one where a lot of research was included and it was found that the maximum compatibility is ensured by this aspect ratio itself. This thoughtful decision is really commendable because this proves that a lot of creativity as well as research was required for building the phone which is the fact that we cannot take away from them at any cost. The weight of the phone is mainly because of the beefy battery it has but you would be lying if you’d say that it was unnecessary. The cooling area of the smartphone is very complicated but at the end of the day, it performs brilliantly and that’s all one wants.

The new thermal solution that is included is working beautifully and doing its job to its fullest. The ultimate edition of this Republic of gamers 2 smartphone as a matte black finish which looks as premium as you can think. The gaming look and the RGB logo along with the matte black finish is what everybody would want in their gaming smartphones.

The 3.5 mm jack is also available which is a great thing that people often neglect in smartphones these days. It is very important to have a 3.5 mm jack sometimes because using a bluetooth earphone all the time is not convenient enough for a lot of reasons. Also, the dual speaker setup is not at all disappointing.


The Connectivity And Controls


The phone comes with 2 USB type C ports. Both of these ports support quick charge 3.0 which is a great thing and the quick charger that comes with the unboxing of the smartphone is brilliant as well. It also has four Wi-Fi Antennas which will catch the connection really fast.

Most of the controls in the phone are very traditional but the under display fingerprint reader wagon is what is new. The accuracy in the reliability has a little bit of flaw in it and hopefully that is only a software issue which will be fixed after an update. If you try to unlock the smartphone using your fingerprint just have to you have set the fingerprint as the screen lock, you would get a great responsible accuracy while after some days, these two factors fall a little bit.

There is a 48-pin-side-mount connector also for using accessories like dock or a fan.




The display of the phone is so great that you cannot go without praising it. It has an OLED display which does not only give perfect blacks but also punchy colours which will make your gaming as well as video watching experience a lot better. Plus, the big screen is always there to support.

Moving Picture Response Time of this display is what is to worry about. Otherwise, this is a perfect 60 hertz OLED display. Refresh rate of the ROG Phone 2 is 120Hz native and that gives very crisp videos. The colour accuracy is great and definitely the natural tones look great on this phone too. Brightness and the viewing angles are also great and there aren’t any complaints basically about the display. The touch latency in the ‘6.6 inch diagonal’ phone is something that has worked really hard on.


Battery Life


Battery that is included inside the Asus Republic of gamers Smartphone 2 is 6000 mAh and people who have a basic knowledge of technology would know how high this is. Advertisements of this smartphone claim that the battery of this phone lasts 35% longer than other gaming phones while playing the same games. At the highest refresh rate, the time for web browsing is around 13 hours and video playback is around 17 hours while 3G talktime is 40 hours. This test was carried out by Smartviser and now we can actually count on this mobile phone which has such a battery and also supports quick charge.




The design, the software, the battery life and so much more actually entices us to buy them all. The bottomline is the fact that this phone is a must have if you can afford it in this price. Otherwise, this smartphone is a complete masterpiece which was given a lot of thought before producing in every single sector and that is what every single person should appreciate about Asus and the Republic of Gamers department.



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